Forgiveness, Is More Than Saying Sorry…


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One of the funniest movies to date is Just Friends. Ana Faris’ character has a stunning rendition of her self-composed song stating, “Forgiveness, is more than saying sorry.” It is phenomenal (I promise); as phenomenal as a pop culture comedy can be. Just thinking about that cinema masterpiece brings a smile to my face and a twinkle in my eye (or maybe more of wrinkle these days). Watch it—you won’t regret seeing Ryan Reynolds in his comedy glory. Just NOT in front of the children….

Forgiveness, though, is a huge part of the adventure we call parenting. When do I punish? When do I correct? When do I console? When do I forgive? Maybe your reaction towards your child earlier was not something you are proud of. Maybe you did not have kind words when another driver cut you off. Maybe you were a little too quick to judge another passing stranger. And, just maybe, you beat yourself up all day because of those ill moments.

I am here to tell you to forgive YOURSELF.

You are NOT a perfect parent. You are NOT a perfect woman. You are NOT a perfect human. None of us are. We do not expect our kids to be perfect, so why do we force it on ourselves? The older I get, the quicker I am to forgive those who wronged me, but subversively I find myself holding back grace and forgiveness with MYSELF. If we can teach our children to be quick to forgive, then why can we not simply forgive ourselves and move on with our day? We teach our children to forgive a friend they wronged, and then go play together.

However, you are the perfect person for your child. You know your child more than anyone else. You will never have a perfect lifetime, but there will be lots of perfect moments along the way (probably some terrible ones, too). But, forgiveness towards yourself will help you pick yourself up and move on with your day.


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I always tell my kids, in the midst of a meltdown (theirs, not mine of course), “move past the moment.” So, catch your breath and move past the moment; and do NOT forget to FORGIVE yourself along the way.

And, Ana Faris was right—forgiveness really is more than saying sorry, especially when its forgiveness given to yourself.
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