Valentine’s Day 2021: Bring On the Romance



February 14 is Valentine's Day

The fact that I’m writing an article for romantic date ideas for Valentine’s Day around Greenville is pretty hilarious. The last Valentine’s Day gift I received was a bottle of Fat Bastard wine on my front porch and an apology/”I love you” card from my recently separated husband many years ago.  The bottle is actually still unopened in a dark corner of a cabinet.  It is a symbol of hope and humor.

That said, I’m very much a fan of couples, love, dates, hearts, kisses, chocolate, wine, and all of the things involved with showing your loved one that what you have is pretty special and life with them in it is worth creating another memory.  Some of you have loving and thoughtful partners or spouses.   Some of you have a more laid back approach to getting swept away on the marketing frenzy of this day.   That said, here are some ideas to help you create the Valentine’s Day your heart desires.

High-Level Romance Ideas

This would involve a lot of logistics and planning, but since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday, why not get away for the weekend?  Fly to Costa Rica or Lake Tahoe to ski.   More reasonable options might be reservations at Highland Lake Inn, Old Edwards Inn, The Poinsett Hotel, Red Horse Inn, Grove Park Inn.  You can always find quaint little Airbnb accommodations, which offer quiet and character.   A cabin secluded in the mountains, a treehouse, or a vintage Airstream is a fun idea that will leave a lasting memory.

Mid-Level Romance Ideas

Here are a few options that would help provide a special dinner at home after the kids are in bed.  Valentine’s Date Night Virtual Cooking Class with Chef Rodney – Table 301Heather’s Dessert Cart & Catering is offering a yummy dinner with several courses that can even be delivered to your door.   A culinary tour with Greenville History Tours is always a fun date.  Why not plan a couple’s massage at a spa or try Drift Float and Spa?    A hike and a vineyard would be a fun way to spend the day.   A treasure hunt with clues through a park, your home, or a special-to-you place.

Low-Level Romance Ideas

A simple handwritten letter to your loved one.   Read it to them or leave it somewhere special.  Breakfast in bed.  A card and chocolate.   Do something extra thoughtful and helpful to show your partner you see them and are there to help them.   Make a little scrapbook of memories of your year or your relationship.  Remembering past memories can be very meaningful.   Craft something together.    Take an online class together like a mixologist class or painting class.   Movie marathon.   Try a heart-healthy class together like yoga, martial arts, kickboxing, CrossFit.   Just be.


Valentine's Day chocolates

Above all, be grateful for who and what you have.   Pay attention to your spouse or partner’s needs and wants.  Notice them.  Compliment them.   Ask them how they are really doing.   Live in the moment.  Parents of little ones, know those little ones are watching how you love each other.  You’re the foundation of your family unit.   What they see is shaping how they view relationships.  You are modeling to them how to value and communicate with each other and really love each other.  Be honest about where you’re at.   Work on weaknesses.   Celebrate strengths.   We all know, relationships take work and what you put in it is what you will get out of it. Happy Valentine’s Day and if you buy wine, pick a label that will be memorable!


Tell us what you have planned for Valentine’s Day…we’d love to hear!


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