4 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Hey moms…dads! It’s Valentine’s Day and the day may have came up faster than expected and now you’re out looking for that last minute present, we’ll we’ve got a few ideas to help you out!

Sure, you could run out to buy some chocolate in a heart shaped tin (if you can find any at the stores), a nice card and flowers, but why not get your special someone a gift from the heart?

Here are 4 ideas for that LAST minute Valentine’s Day Gift. You are sure to amaze with these thoughtful gifts!

4 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:

last minute valentine's day gifts

A Nice Night In

With the holiday falling on a weeknight, surprise your one with a night in! Cook a nice meal at home or order a heart-shaped pizza, have a glass of wine and relax with a romantic movie. Keep things simple and don’t bother with the overcrowded restaurants on a work/school night. 

A Break From Chores.

What is something she doesn’t like to do but does every day anyway? Could this be something that you do for her for Valentine’s Day? Does your wife do the laundry or dishes for the family? Maybe she always cooks each meal or drives the kids to school. For Valentine’s Day this year, give her a break from one chore for the week and let her have this time for herself. What mom wouldn’t want more time, less stress and less chores for a week?!

A Nice Clean Car

If you really want to do something that will be appreciated, a good car detailing is always a good gift! Don’t have time for a full detail? There are several local car washes that you can wash and vacuum the kid’s mess from the car! Start here and leave a sweet card in the car, you’ll be set

A Night Out

Maybe fancy date nights aren’t your thing? If you’re needing a special but last minute gift, work with your significant other’s friends to schedule a night out for her to enjoy with the girls. Write out a sweet Valentine’s Day card and pair with a gift card that she can use for a future girl’s night out. If a night out with the girls isn’t her thing, then schedule her for a day of pampering (hair, nails, massage, you get the idea)!



We hope that these ideas have helped to make your last-minute present search a bit easier. Just remember that Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate your loved one!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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