Guide to Hot Tea in Upstate

Did you know January is National Hot Tea Month?

Our team here at Greenville Mom Collective got together to round up a list of our favorite spots to grab a good cup of hot tea! Over the last week, it’s turned into a cold winter and there’s only so much coffee you can drink (well, for some folks, right?!).  Check out our list of local spots and be sure to try them out! 

Crossroads 4 Coffee and Tea– Located in Simpsonville, you can find so many yummy treats here! Our favorite is the chai tea latte (and any of their baked goodies)! 

Methodical Coffee- With multiple locations and a fantastic menu, Methodical Coffee has hot tea options along with amazing coffee. I’ve heard it said that their chai tea latte may be the best ever but a trip may be needed to judge that for ourselves! 

Bridge City Coffee– This shop is a local favorite among many friends. I recently went for the first time and WOW! They not only have a wonderful coffee and tea selection but also had a nitro tea, highly recommended!

Greenville Hot Tea

Ninja Warrior Coffee- Pair your tea order with one of their tasty pastries and you’ll be set for a wonderful treat! With quiet space to hang out and so many menu choices, you can’t go wrong with Ninja Warrior!

Coyote Coffee– Another favorite with multiple locations in Pickens, Greenville, and Easley. Coyote Coffee offers hot tea, chai tea lattes and matcha lattes along with a huge coffee, breakfast, lunch and smoothie menu! Our suggestion: Try the Jingle Spiced Chai Tea Latte, you’ll thank us later!

Where to buy local teas

MaraBette TeasOne of our favorite shops to buy tea is MaraBette Teas in Greenville. They offer small batch, artisan loose leaf tea blends. MaraBette Teas offers a wide variety of tea blends, gift cards and wonderful boxed collections. You can order the teas online or find them at events across Greenville where you can not only buy loose leaf tea, but also enjoy a warm comforting cup of tea while you shop! 

Table Rock Tea Company: If you’re feeling like a nice drive to Pickens, there’s a hidden gem called the Table Rock Tea Company. Owners, Steve and Jennifer grow and make Real American Tea™️ right here in the upstate. Their small batch, artisan tea is grown at their tea farm/home which is nestled at the base of Table Rock Mountain.

My husband and I had the opportunity to take a tour of the tea farm last year in early December. We were lucky to have a warm sunny day and spent most of our afternoon talking with owner Jennifer and learning about the process they go through to grow, harvest and make this wonderful tea. 

Table Rock Tea Company
Row of tea plants at Table Rock Tea Company

The Table Rock Tea Company offers hand-picked tea in green, black and oolong; all from the same tea plant but with different oxidation levels/times. Jennifer was amazing at explaining the entire growth process and a tour is highly recommended! 

Table Rock Tea Company

Their tea is available for purchase, you can shop their website or order onsite. We tried the Wahalla Masala, a chai blend that has been one of my favorite teas this season! 

The Table Rock Tea Company is open regular hours for store and tour hours.  Check out their website for specific times or to schedule a tour! 

While this isn’t a complete list, we’d love to hear which tea spots you’d like us to add!



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