Go Plan a Girls Night: Galentine’s Day 2021


If I’m honest, I’ve never been a “girls’ night” type of woman.

For starters, I’m an introvert and find the best way to recharge is by myself. Then, add kids into the mix and wild schedules that allow for very little free time. I feel like I’m left between choosing my husband or choosing my friends. For me, it’s always been an easy choice. My husband is my best friend, making my marriage a priority has always landed at the top of my list.

Galentine's Day 2021

It wasn’t until recently, when some amazing girlfriends started to make their way into my life, that I began to better understand not just the allure of girls’ nights but also the importance of them! There’s something powerful and so encouraging when you get into a room or sit at a table with other women. Women who GET IT. Women who are in the same season or who have been in your season and breathe LIFE into your weary soul. We are all in need of this type of connection and community but all too often, especially as moms, we decide we are too tired or too busy to pursue it!

Galentine’s Day 2021 might just be the perfect time to put your excuses on the back burner. Call up a few BFFs or even that new mom friend from the park, and get that girls’ night on your calendar. You deserve it. You deserve a night free of kids. You deserve to be heard, REALLY heard, by other women that know exactly where you’re coming from. You deserve to change out of your sweats and throw on some make up, not for your spouse but for YOURSELF. You deserve to eat your food slowly and lose yourself in adult conversation. You deserve this night.

You deserve this more than once a year but you’ve gotta start somewhere and this new(ish) holiday is the perfect time!

Galentine's Day 2021

Need some fresh ideas for Galentine’s Day?

Let’s run through a few of my favorite local places for your girl gang:

Looking for good beer & an even better burger? The Southern Growl is your spot. Pick your favorite drink or ask the bartender to surprise you then order the Waygu Burger. If burgers aren’t your thing, the entire menu is full of incredible options. When the weather is right, their outdoor seating is the cherry on top for your girls’ night!

If you’re wanting to tap into that wild child that’s gone dormant since having kids, downtown Greenville has some really fun places. They also lend to some GREAT people watching if that’s more your speed. SIP, Ink N Ivy, Brass Monkey, & City Tavern are a few favorites.

Some of y’all might want a little more activity & Hampton Station is the perfect place to land on your big night out. Grab a few tacos at White Duck then wander over to Craft Axe Throwing where you’re guaranteed a good time & a chance to get some pent up anxiety out!

Last but not least, if you’re not ready to venture out or are looking for something a bit more mellow, girls night IN might be your jam! Order yourself the Ladies Night charcuterie board from Chadcuterie, grab your favorite boxed wine, invite your friends over, & kick the kids out!

However your night ends up I hope you embrace these few kid-free hours with friends and are reminded why girls’ nights deserve to become a regular staple in your (often chaotic) schedule!


What are your plans for Galentine’s Day this years? We’d love to hear!



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