Best Playgrounds Around The Upstate


Playgrounds; they’re a mothers best friend! They offer little to no mess, completely free, an area where it’s perfectly acceptable to scream and yell, and the best place for them to run their little hearts out; and come home exhausted.

While playgrounds are a mothers best friend, which playground is the most suitable for your child?

Lets take a look at what the upstate offers!

Tyger River Splash Pad

Tyger River Park: 179 Dillard Road, Duncan S.C.

Most of the playgrounds today are updated to bright, metal structures and rubber floors; however, there’s more out there to choose from. My kids favorite, is Tyger River Park. It offers climbing towers, mulched playgrounds, a giant, shaded sand pit, AND a gated water fountain play area!

The parks (broken up into sections) are centered in a maze of softball fields, soccer fields, and concession stands. They have cemented bridges on the walking paths that create fun tunnels below! The kids are thrilled to shout and play inside them, listening for their echos. The park is equipped with a rope climbing tower that entertains a lot of older kids, and offers all parents a heart attack!

The splash pad is perfect for the summer, with shaded bench seating for parents and a gated zone so you don’t have to stress too much about a child going rogue.

The sand pit is wonderful! Usually you will find sand toys in the huge pit, with optional concrete high curbs for the kids to sit on. It offers a canopy to help shade your kiddos, taking another worry off of your mind.

The bathrooms and water fountain are not very close to this park, so be sure to stop in for potty breaks at the park entrance before making your way to the center for play time! (I learned that one the hard way!)

slide at Lake Cooley Park
Lake Cooley Park

Lake Cooley Park: 100 Cooley Dock Road, Inman S.C.

This park is MUCH more relaxing. Mulched in, it has a quaint feel with 4 swings, 3 slides, and some climbing objects. It’s gated in so you can rest easy if you take your eyes off of your kiddos for a second. The bathrooms are always clean and right by the park.

Lake Cooley boasts of gorgeous views overlooking the lake, a wooden dock that your kids can safely spot fish, and it comes complete with a large, shaded picnic shelter. The park isn’t as big as others, but it is less popular, so you’re most likely going to get the place to yourself!

The breeze is always better here, thanks to the open lake. Be sure to bring a sweater if you go during the cooler season!

playgrounds, a mom's and kids best friend
Greer City Park

Greer City Park-  301 E. Poinsette Street, Greer, S.C.

This park received a lot more attention when the famous Century Park was closed for construction. While Century Park would have been in my top 3, it’s still closed so I can’t give you details on it until it’s opened in April 2021. In its place, let’s talk about Greer City Park!

It has the wonderful rubber floor, so no mulch, sand, or mess! It’s right next to the bathroom, so no need to pack up belongings to help your child to the bathroom. It’s got hanging bars, double slides for races, block towers to climb, and more. The covered picnic shelter is a real plus for the parents! It’s got a gate that runs along 2 sides of it, leaving a big grass field on one side and the shelter on the other.

Nearby, you’ll find the pond with a walking trail around it, complete with a gazebo that is placed well into the pond, and a fountain! The walkway is lined with swinging benches, which make great spots for relaxing and taking in the view.

If you decide to leave the park, you’re close to the Greer outdoor Amphitheater, and another large fountain complete with swinging benches!

These are all great parks in the area, however, I could name a dozen more! Lyman City Park in Lyman, Runway Park at GMU in Greenville, Herdklotz Park in Greenville, and Century Park in Greer.

What is your favorite park to visit and why?



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