Santa or No?


Santa is a definite yes for me. My kids are older and question me about Santa being real. My response is always you have to believe to receive. This response normally ends the discussion because obviously they do not want to jeopardize receiving gifts. 

What are your thoughts?
Is there an age limit to the whole Santa fiesta? 


Some of the reasons to not do Santa that I have heard are religious reasons, like Santa takes away from the true meaning from Christmas. True, a little, but it is what you make of it.

That parents do not want their child to think they were lying to them their entire life. True, I could see thinking that but it’s not exactly lying.

That parents do not want Santa to get all the credit. He does get all the credit but your kids will know one day. 

santa leaving presents?
My thoughts..


My thoughts are this, one day the kids will know that there is no Santa and it was all made up. That all along this was their father and I giving them gifts and setting up the presents in the living room on Christmas Eve. They will know we worked hard to try and provide them with all their wants as best as we could. When they become parents themselves, they will understand how hard we worked to do all that we did. They will understand why we did it. They will get the joy that we have gotten all these years through their children. I honestly plan to continue the whole Santa thing until my kids move out. They can do me the favor of pretending to believe. However, they may eventually say mom no, we are too old for this and that is okay too….. I guess…

santa bringing presents
Another question I grew up with a few things being from Santa, not wrapped, and the rest from my parents wrapped. My husband grew up with everything being from Santa and everything wrapped (besides big things like bikes or trampolines). I compromised with my husband and we do most things from Santa, everything that can be wrapped, wrapped, but I do put a few things under the tree wrapped as well. I didn’t like the idea of doing every single thing coming on Christmas Eve and nothing being under the tree for the whole month. What do you all do with the presents?


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