Memorial Day: Teaching Our Children to Honor and Remember


On Memorial Day, most people are off of work, children are out of school and some businesses are closed. While this may feel like so many other Patriotic holidays, Memorial Day is a day for us to honor the men and women who gave their lives while serving in our military.  Today, enjoy your day off and time spent with family, but take a few moments to help your kids to understand the true meaning of Memorial Day. 

As a military family, my husband and I feel strongly that it’s important for us to pause and remember why we’re getting this holiday in May. Here are a few tips that I hope will help you and your family to learn more about Memorial Day! 

Memorial Day honor and remember

Visit Memorials- Virtually or In-Person

Memorial Day Ceremony- Simpsonville is hosting the 2021 Simply Patriotic Memorial Day Ceremony. The ceremony begins at 11 am and will be held at Veterans Park. 

The Military History Center of the Carolinas will be open on Monday with free admission. Great way to see historical items and learn military history as a family!

National Day of Remembrance– This national remembrance event takes place at 3 pm. Stop with your family as you pause to honor the fallen. 

National Memorial Concert – Airing on PBS both Sunday and Monday night at 8 pm. You can also stream the concert here

Read books to learn more about Memorial Day 

Books are a great way for children to read, hear and see pictures to help them learn more about a certain topic. There are several books about the military and holidays like this specifically, here are 3 that we really like:

A Day for Rememberin’: The First Memorial Day  by Leah Henderson

America’s White Table by Margot Theis Raven

The Wall by Eve Bunting

young kid reading about Memorial Day history

Learn more about the American flag.

Talk with your kids about the meaning of the American flag. Many families also hang a flag outside of their home during patriotic holidays like today. Make this a family tradition for years to come! 

If your kids enjoy crafts, take time to make a flag from ribbons or construction paper. During craft time, print these free Memorial Day coloring page as well! 

learn about American flag for Memorial day

Spend Time With Family

If you have Veterans in your family, spend time with them and learn from their perspective about what it’s like to serve our country. Today may be about remembering but everyday is a good day to be thankful for our active military and our Veterans! 

Most of all, take time today to enjoy time with your family. Spend the day together, have a cookout and maybe end the day with making s’mores! 


How are you spending this Memorial Day with your family? 



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