Should You ALWAYS Stick With What You Know?


“Aunt Flow” rolls around and which one do you choose?! Pad, Tampon, or Cup?

There are many options when it comes to menstrual hygiene products. Tampons, pads, menstrual cups and discs. It’s hard to know what’s best or what’s best for your body.

At an early age, usually in 4th grade, we’re taught all about good hygiene and given a few samples to try – deodorant, pads, and tampons.

My Story

It wasn’t until I got into Women’s and Pelvic Health Care that I learned about menstrual cups. I was turned off by them at first.  No way was I going to insert my fingers “up there” and deal with a bloody mess.  


Like many, I snarled my nose and continued to wear Super Plus tampons on my heavy days and regulars on light days with a panty liner. I was never a fan of pads because I just didn’t like the way they felt and always felt like I needed to shower. 


When I started my cycle after having my third child, I decided to give a menstrual cup a try because why not? If I didn’t like it, I could always try something else, or just go back to tampons. 


I chose the Saalt cup (this is not an ad, I’m just telling you my experience). I liked the packaging! True story!  Each cup comes with easy to read instructions.  I tried all of the fold variations, positioning to insert, and voila! It worked!


Ok, just kidding! It wasn’t that easy. It took me several months to get it down to where I felt comfortable and confident wearing it. There are times when it leaks, but I just readjust it. 


 If your cup or disc is falling down, uncomfortable, or painful, you would benefit from having a pelvic floor evaluation by a pelvic floor physical therapist


I decided to share this new and fun (yes, it’s fun to me!) information with my Facebook group, Strong as a Mother. There are several videos on there answering several frequently asked questions. 

My New Favorite Obsession

For almost 2 years now, I have faithfully used my Saalt Cup! There are some women that prefer to use tampons at the beginning of their flow. I just change mine a little more frequently than I normally do.

Correct Positioning of Menstrual Cup

Your cup can stay in for up to 12 hours, but you’ll need to change it depending on your flow. I can sleep, run, and swim with it in. I also love that this is reusable!  This saves so much and also saves the planet! SCORE! Our Strong as a Mother community asked about sex. You are unable to have sex with a cup in.

Menstrual Disc

Unlike the menstrual cup and tampon that sits in the vaginal canal, the disc sits right under the cervix. The disc can stay in for up to 12 hours. You must change it depending on your flow. You can do all of your activities, and even have sex with it as it doesn’t occupy the vaginal canal.  I’ve loved my cup so much that I haven’t wanted or needed to try the disc, however have heard great things about them. 

Better Periods

I honestly believe the cup has helped improve the flow of my cycle and also has reduced cramping. When I was younger I used to get bad cramps. Since using the menstrual cup, I hardly feel anything, just some lower abdominal aching. 


I hope you’ve found this as helpful as the cup has been to me!


If you’re wondering which one would be best for you, you can take this great quiz, Put a Cup In It, to determine which cup would fit you best! 


Have you tried or do you use a cup or disc? What did you dislike or like?


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