C.N.As- The Heart of Healthcare


As a nurse and former Certified Nursing Assistant, I wanted to ensure that I took this opportunity to recognize National Certified Nurse Day. Certified nurses are not shown enough appreciation and they are so deserving of this special day!

C.N.A appreciation day

Believe me when I tell you, it is a hard job, a job that is so important in the health care setting. I tell you this from experience as a Certified Nurse Assistant who is now a nurse. I have worked in long term care and hospice as an aide. Not only do they bathe and feed the elderly/residents/patients. They are extra eyes for the doctor and nurses. Aides are extra support for the families of the patients. Sometimes, aides are the only friend their patient has. The only person who will take their time to cut and paint a patient’s fingernails. An aide is sometimes the only person that will check in on a patient each day. The only person to ensure that the patient has a hot meal each day and clean sheets on their bed. They build relationships with their patients and the patient’s families. They are truly angels in disguise. 

As a former C.N.A, I could talk for hours about my love for the job but thought this might be a good opportunity to hear from other CNA’s as well. I would like to thank Paula Hadwin, C.N.A for participating in an interview with me. 

  1. Why did you choose to become a certified nursing assistant?

My original plan was to become a registered nurse. When I decided the medical field was where my heart was, I knew the first step was to become a C.N.A. After two attempts in the nursing program. I still remained a C.N.A. My parents both received a cancer diagnosis, when I was in nursing school, so I knew I needed to care for my parents and it was in God’s hands. 

2. How long have you been a C.N.A.? 

6 years

3. What does a job as a C.N.A consist of?

The job of a C.N.A has many aspects. We assist with bathing, grooming, vitals signs, exercise and feeding. The job of a C.N.A. requires stamina, physical strength, and a heart to be of service to those in need due to illnesses/diseases and those who are lonely. 

C.N.A vital signs
4. What do you love about the job?

I am a Hospice C.N.A, so along with helping with basic needs of my patients, I also build a bond with the patient and the patient’s family. I love that I get the chance to see the smile and laughter of our residents. knowing that I have done all I can to make the last months or days the best they could possibly be. 

5. What is the hardest part of the job?

The hardest part of the job is watching the residents say their goodbyes as one is passing. Hearing the family members say they love them and it is okay to let go. With COVID-19 it has made it even more difficult because the families aren’t able to get the proper goodbyes. Those goodbyes have turned into families being outside the window saying their goodbyes. Not being able to hold their loved one’s hand as they pass. 

6. What stereotype do you think people have about C.N.A.s that is not true?

Oh wow! What an open question this is! I feel like the greatest stereotype is that C.N.A.s, to put it bluntly, are glorified butt wipers. What a huge misconception that is!  A C.N.A is so much more. I have a good friend that gets onto me often for saying “I am just a C.N.A”. And at times I do have to stop and remind myself of this. Many times, nurses are busy doing reports and/or passing medications to so many residents. Those are the times when a C.N.A is of utmost importance. C.N.As are there to fill the gap in time that a nurse (even though they may really want to be) doesn’t have the time to meet the daily needs of a resident. Many times, a C.N.A is awarded the treasure of just being…… being whatever our patients need us to be at that moment. 

certified nursing assistant care
7. Why did you choose Hospice?

 I didn’t choose hospice, it chose me! My heart has always been with hospice. How could I not choose an area that rewards me with so much. I have always looked at Hospice as a way to give back. The old saying goes “Once a man. Twice a child”. This is so true in the Hospice world. As a newborn in the nursery, that baby needs all the help that can be offered and given. As we age, there comes a time when we have those same needs again. Hospice is Helping Others simply Pass Into Calm Eternity. Hospice is my heart and there’s no other place I would rather be. 




There are several on the Greenville Mom Collective contributor team that have experience in the medical field, some have worked as C.N.A’s for years. We hope that our local Certified Nursing Assistants feel appreciated each and every day but especially today. C.N.As are truly the heart of healthcare, in any setting!!


Are you or do you know a local certified nursing assistant? We’d love to thank them for the work that they do each day!!


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