Quick and Easy Air Fryer Steak Dinner At Home


Most people I know love going out to eat in a restaurant. It’s the go-to choice when you don’t want to cook or clean up after. But in today’s world, things are different. This crazy virus has somewhat interrupted the normal dining experience. You have to wear a mask while waiting for your table. Some restaurants are not at full capacity which means longer waiting times. And there’s the risk of catching those nasty virus germs anywhere you go now!

So if you’re like me and tend to stay home and cook, I have a simple recipe that is restaurant quality!

The air fryer that I have is just small and simple. Nothing fancy about it at all.Air fryer steak dinner

I’ve had an air fryer for about 2 years now. I mainly used it for the kids. It’s great for cooking frozen foods, fries, and reheating leftover pizza! While looking through air fryer recipes, I kept seeing where you can cook steaks. It just didn’t seem realistic to me…until I tried it! And I’m here to tell you, it’s one of the best steaks I’ve ever cooked!

This total recipe cost $13!!! 

Air fryer steak dinner Air fryer steak dinner

steam fresh brocoli

My choice of steak is the center cut sirloin steak that I get from Walmart. You read that right: Walmart. I’ve tried these steaks from other grocery stores and they were not as good as the ones that Walmart has. The thickness is about 1 and 1/2 inches to 2 inches. I used 3 medium sized red potatoes and another simple side item I added to this dish was just a small bag of frozen broccoli.

One thing to always remember when cooking a steak in the air fryer is that you have to preheat! Set the temperature to 400 degrees and heat for 3-4 minutes.

While the air fryer is heating up, season your steaks however you want! I just use salt, pepper and garlic powder.


Next you’ll want to wash your potatoes and cut them into bite sized pieces. I leave the peeling on them but you can peel before you cut them if you prefer.


By the time you get done seasoning your steak and cutting your potatoes, the air fryer should be done preheating. You will then add your steak first. The steaks should start sizzling when they touch the tray. Next add your potatoes all around the steaks.

Air fryer steak dinner

Keep the temperature at 400 degrees and set the timer for 15 minutes. Put the tray in the air fryer and let the magic happen! The trick is not to open the air fryer while its cooking! The only time you’ll open it is when the timer has around 7-8 minutes left. That is when you will want to flip the steaks.

This time and temperature is for a medium cooked steak. If you’d like a more well done steak, add 4-5 minutes. For more of a rare steak decrease time by 4-5 minutes. But always keep the temperature at 400 degrees.

While the steak and potatoes are cooking, I use the time to cook the broccoli as directed on the bag and make steak butter. You can use any butter product that you usually use. I use a tablespoon of butter and add a sprinkle of dried parsley and garlic salt.

seasoned butter

When the air fryer is done cooking, you’ll want to remove the steaks first. Put them on a plate and put a spoonful of the steak butter on top of them. Cover them with tinfoil and let them rest for 5 minutes.

Air fryer steak dinner           Air fryer potatoes

While the steaks are taking a little nap after cooking, put the potatoes in a container that has a lid. Add a teaspoon of butter or olive oil, a sprinkle of parsley, and garlic powder. Put the lid on and shake away!

air fryer potatoes

I also use this time to prepare the broccoli. The broccoli is simple, just season any way you want! All I add to it is just a little salt and pepper.

Now its time to assemble your plate! Steak, potatoes and broccoli! You can use your favorite steak sauce or just spoon the steak butter over your steak and potatoes like we do!

Air fryer steak dinner       Air fryer steak dinner

I hope you will enjoy this simple air fryer steak dinner! It is super easy, cheap and delicious!! This could be your next at home, date night meal!

Air fryer dinner

Wonder what else I can cook in the air fryer? What are your go to air fryer recipes, I’d love to give those a try!!









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