Happy National Drink Wine Day!


National Drink Wine Day, National Chocolate Day, National Chocolate Cake Day, National Margarita Day…. There are so many national holidays,  but today is one holiday that most moms and women in general really love! Any excuse to enjoy a nice glass of wine is a good thing in my book!

I am not a huge wine drinker or drinker of anything. I seriously have to remind myself to drink fluids throughout the day. We will not discuss drinking water today. However, I have started drinking wine on occasion. Most of my favorites are seasonal, which means I stock up.

A good wine doesn’t have to be expensive, some of my favorite wines are cheap wines from Aldi’s:

  • Pacific Fruit Vineyard- Pineapple and watermelon are my favorite. (Seasonal)
  • Belletti Moscato D’asti – sweet (Seasonal)

Pineapple and watermelon Aldi wine

Some wines that I’d like to to try from Aldi’s:

  • Buenas Vidas Rose
  • Pinot Grigio by Pianeta Organico
  • Sweet Sparkling Moscato by Arosa
  • Sauvignon Blanc by Exquisite Collection

What is your go-to wine? We’d love to hear so we can try them out!!

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Kerri is a hospice nurse and a mother to two children. She has a background in education and healthcare. Kerri has a Bachelors Degree in Education in addition to her nursing degree. Kerri has lived in the upstate her entire life. Kerri and her husband Brandon both work full time, while homeschooling their two children, Mallorie 11 and Hunter 9. Kerri enjoys going to the beach and being with her family. Kerri has four dogs ( 2 Saint Bernards, Lab/Great Pyrenees and a tea cup Chihuahua), 2 cats, turtle and fish.



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