Ideas to Keep Your Child Reading Through the Summer Months


You might be thinking about ways to keep your child learning through the summer months.  One of the best things to do is read with your child. Continued reading helps improve fluency and vocabulary allowing your child to become a stronger reader.  Keep reading interesting by asking family members to get involved.  Ask family members in other cities if they would read their favorite book remotely or your child can read to them.  Either way, it can be a fun method to ensure that reading is happening this summer.  If your child is a reluctant reader, this may save you from having to “nag” him or her to read. 

child reading in summer

Reading ideas for older children: 

Older children might enjoy reading a book from which a movie was made and then discussing similarities/differences with a remote family member that has seen the movie. This site gives ideas about conversation starters for this activity.

Another engaging way to learn this summer is to create a podcast together about a subject your child is interested in.  Not only will reading about the podcast topic be needed but also investigating podcast production can be a great research opportunity for upper elementary and middle school aged children. In addition, writing scripts provides an avenue for writing. Music, sound effects, advertisements…the sky’s the limit on creative potential.  Send/share your production to family and friends. Your child will love the feedback from folks that have enjoyed it! 

Check out this site for  information on podcasting with kids.

Active Reading Ideas: 

One final way to keep the kids learning this summer is through problem solving.  Get them actively involved in household dilemmas.  Thinking about purchasing new furniture?  Why not have your child measure the space and let you know what sizes might work.  How about painting?  Ask your child to help you figure out how much paint is needed for his/her bedroom and what the cost will be.  Maybe you need a better organization system in the garage.  Ask your child to map out the best use of space or come up with creative storage ideas.  If none of these dilemmas interest your child, they might get you thinking about one that would pique your child’s interest.  Problem solving and critical thinking are in high demand from employers and summer projects like this can prove to be great training ground for this type of thinking.   

boy reading instructions

Most importantly, have fun!  Follow your child’s interests.  Let your child have choice and voice throughout these learning opportunities.  Not only will learning continue but some lasting memories can be made as well. 


We hope you and the kids enjoy summer while getting in a bit of reading too! What books do your children like to read during the summer?



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