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When should my child see an orthodontist

When Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

“Your teeth look great. You most likely won’t need braces. Lucky you!” was what this 20-year-old college student had been told her entire life. And the people who told her that were right –...
earlier diagnosis of autism

ESDI Lab at UofSC Working For Earlier Diagnosis of Autism

Did you know changes in the brain within the first year of life can predict behavior 1-2 years later?  Here at the Early Social Development and Intervention (ESDI) Lab at UofSC, we are pushing the...
best slider burgers

The Best Beef & Cheese Sliders

Now that the weather is heating up, families across the upstate are dusting off the grills and cooking outside. One of my favorite, easy recipes, that happens to be a kid and adult favorite...
self care motherhood

Finding the Time (and Energy) For Self-Care In Motherhood

Have a perfect night time routine, but don't let them cry it out. Socialize your kids, but don't forget to social distance. Spend all of your time playing with your kids, but don't let...