Mandie Kugler

While people may see me and think of me as a spring chicken, I certainly don’t feel that way. I offer advice from a lot of experience! I carry the titles of mom, wife, LEOW (law enforcement officer wife), foster mom, and Angel mom. We have had 4 beautiful children, lost our first child in 2014 and had our 4th child in 2020, and are now foster parents to 2 girls we hope to adopt! Recap: 5 kids under 6 years old, a husband with swing shifts and long hours, a small business owner, and here I am, writing to you!
care for grandparents day

Care for Grandparents Day

Today is National Care For Grandparents Day- here is my story of why caring for grandparents means so much! Caring for your Grandparents can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different...
mothers day mom without a child to hold

Mother’s Day: To The Mom Without A Child To Hold

  Mother’s Day, the sweet day our families go out of their way to spoil us with food and gifts, the day our kids make some card or drawing that needs interpretation, and the day...
Best Playgrounds Around the Upstate

Best Playgrounds Around The Upstate

Playgrounds; they’re a mothers best friend! They offer little to no mess, completely free, an area where it’s perfectly acceptable to scream and yell, and the best place for them to run their little...
Relationships: How to Date Your Spouse

Relationships: How To Date Your Spouse

Have you ever hear a friends spouse say “We’ve been married 10 years, but it feels like 30?” While we all laugh and shrug it off, how long does it actually feel like you've...