Jami Jo Studer

I'm originally from Indiana, but made Greenville my home in 2010. I'm married to Wes, and we have two children, ages 7 and almost 10. I am a full time working mom (dentist by day, mommy by night). I love all things outdoors, and being with friends and family. I love to cook, and you will always find me with a cup of coffee in my hand! I most recently joined a rock band. I'm proud to be part of bringing women together with Greenville Mom Collective.
holiday grief

The Holidays: It’s OK to NOT be OK

If you are anything like most people right now, you may be anxious about all the impending doom of the holidays: finances, traveling, time off work, winter depression, and the list goes on. We all...
mommy mocktails

Mommy Mocktails

If you have been anything like me, the last year has been one of the most stressful ever! One bad habit that I picked up during the craziness of the pandemic was combating stress...
Great local hikes for everyone in the family with waterfall background

Great Local Hikes for Everyone in the Family

One of the things that drew us to the Upstate was the proximity to the mountains. We are most definitely mountain people (although we still love the beach). There are amazing hikes all over...
Friends after mommyhood

Friends {After Mommyhood}

When I look over the last 4 decades of my life, all the big milestones stand out—the graduations (middle school, high school, college, dental school), the big trips (first time out of the country—Hello...
Oral health for kiddos

Oral Health Tips For Kiddos

In honor of National Children’s Dental Health month, let’s look at the top tips to keep your little ones mouth in check! WHEN SHOULD I TAKE MY BABY/CHILD TO THE DENTIST? Ideally, when there are signs...
Family Time 1

Forgiveness, Is More Than Saying Sorry…

One of the funniest movies to date is Just Friends. Ana Faris’ character has a stunning rendition of her self-composed song stating, “Forgiveness, is more than saying sorry.” It is phenomenal (I promise); as...