Heather Walley-Jimenez

I am a born and raised Texas native, and moved from Austin to Greenville with my husband and two boys in 2017. After receiving my degree from UT, I went right back to school for my culinary degree, and now currently own and operate a local catering business. I love sharing the knowledge I've gained in almost 20 years in the food service industry, including cooking and baking techniques and time-saving recipes for families and busy parents!
recipe for strawberries and cream

Best Recipe To Try This Strawberry Season

It's Strawberry Season and with a plethora of recipes out there, it's time to take advantage of the delectable deep red berry at its full ripeness and celebrate it in one of its purest...
best edible garden plan

Best Edible Garden Plan

Simple Guide to Your Edible Garden The pandemic has kept many of us home, but has also opened up our ingenuity and resilience to make the most of our spaces and the extra time with...

The Perfect Pound Cake + A Little History Too!

European Origins The pound cake, according to Larousse Gastronomique, originated in England and was the first "butter cake." France adopted it, calling it quatres-quarts because traditionally it was prepared using one-fourth flour, one-fourth butter, one-fourth eggs, and one-fourth...
the best chocolate cake recipe

The BEST Chocolate Cake Ever

In honor of National Chocolate Cake Day, today, I wanted to share one of my most treasured possessions with you -- my chocolate cake recipe. This cake recipe has been with me for almost...