Brandi Fugate

Hi friends! I am a proud mama to seven children, childbirth educator and labor doula and sometimes photographer. When I am not juggling all those hats I love being outdoors, especially the mountains. I grew up in the Upstate and am proud to call this amazing place home. I love date nights with my man in downtown Greenville, long soaks in my bath tub and a good Netflix documentary. I am so excited for Greenville Mom Collective and to be apart of this community.
surviving the stomach bug

Surviving The Stomach Bug

The stomach bug. Those three words send my body into straight panic mode. I do not even dare say them out loud for fear it will come true! With seven children and seventeen years of...
family ages and stages of parenting

Grace Through the Ages and Stages

I first became a mother in 2004. I was very prepared for labor, delivery and breastfeeding (took intensive classes!) but not so much for taking home a baby. I knew the basics as the...