Ashley Heringa

Ashley Heringa is a certified personal trainer and coach, specializing in women. She is certified in Pregnancy and Postpartum and corrective exercise for moms. She owns Strength In Her Fitness. She is the mom of two kids, 5 and 2, and currently pregnant with number three, and the wife to a wonderful professor and musician. She loves running, weight lifting, muay thai, hiking and camping.

Just for Moms Fitness in the Upstate

Fitness is different when you enter motherhood. Maybe you have always loved it, but struggle to find a fit for your life as mom, or maybe motherhood has inspired you to workout. Maybe you...

“All or Something” – Changing The Way You Look At Healthy Habits

I first heard the phrase “All or Something” from Balance365Life, formally Healthy Habits, Happy Moms.  It is a turn on the phrase “All or Nothing”.  It means that we do something rather than nothing...