Don’t Excuse My Messy House


Christmas is over. There’s toys, pieces of toys, and who knows what else scattered around the house. And while you’re sitting on the couch debating on how and when to start cleaning up, the doorbell rings.

Instant panic sets in. Your heartbeat increases second by second. Beads of sweat start appearing on your face. You start making your way toward the door, kicking toys out of the way and looking around at the mess you should’ve cleaned up two days ago.

What are they going to think about my house? Are they going to think I’m not a good mom? Are they going to go back and tell EVERYONE how messy my house is?

Here’s the answer:  SO WHAT!!!!!!!!

Go ahead and invite in your guest that didn’t call ahead of time. And don’t say “excuse the house”! Instead just say “Come on in! Sit down if you can find a spot!” Show them how much your kids enjoyed Christmas. Let them see that you allow them to have snacks in the living room. Let them see you being a good mom.

If truth be told, your kids feed off of your feelings. For example, I had unexpected visitors one morning. My daughter was only a few weeks old. She had her days and nights mixed up, therefore we were on a third shift schedule. Without warning, three generations of my family were knocking at my door wanting to see her.

My body went into full panic mode and there was no doubt that my baby felt every bit of it. I didn’t have a bra on and couldn’t remember the last time I had showered. And yes, the house was a full blown mess! The entire time that my family was there, my daughter cried without pause. It was then that I realized that it was not worth making her uneasy about something that didn’t really matter at all.

Your kids are happy and that is all that matters. They shouldn’t have to worry about making you mad because they accidentally dropped a few pieces of cereal on the floor or they might have made a crayon mark on the wall. I mean I am all for teaching children responsibilities, like picking up after themselves. But it shouldn’t be a constant demand.

I have come to the realization that as long as I have kids under my roof, my house will never be spotless. They are always busy running around like maniacs, playing with their toys, and leaving things out of place.

And you know what? That’s OK!

Carpets can be cleaned, walls can be repainted, and furniture can be replaced. Enjoy this very short, messy time of your life! A clean house doesn’t last forever and sadly, neither does a messy house.


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Hey y'all! My name is Tiffany! I have been a Mom for almost 8 years now. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and two beautiful kids; a 7 year old boy, and a 19 month old girl. My family and I live in Liberty SC. I have had a full time job working as a surgical technologist in a dermatology office for over ten years now. My only hobby that I have right now is spending time with my husband and children. We love going on golf cart rides around the neighborhood, going for walks, and taking care of our chickens! My family is my entire life and that's the reason I have decided to join Greenville Mom Collective. I'm so excited to try new things and get the kids involved too! Let this journey begin!


  1. Tiffany I enjoyed that so much. Excellent job. I remember those days when Jeremy and Brandon had toys everywhere. Couldn’t walk through the den. Jeremy wrote his name in red crayon on his NEW bedroom wall. Of course, I scrubbed till it was gone and took his crayons away😪. Now I wish I could see that name on his wall. I was a really “ high strung mom, wanting everything and everyone perfect”. If I could do it over, I’d be like you. Enjoy every minute. Days are coming for you when they are older and grown with kids of their own. Time passes too quickly. Have fun with those kids, sweet girl. Love you…..VickieStone

  2. We just moved into an new house in a new neighborhood and I keep telling myself to stop comparing to others. Their houses are decorated already and cleaned perfectly. My house looks like a tornado has gone through. Clutter everywhere. It’s so hard some days to even pick up with a 9 month old clingy one. I know all to well that I will miss it one day. Thank you for your words to just let it be what it is.


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